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Student Life

What's Life Like for a MS358 Student? ​
  • Students participate in Student Led Conferences where they speak about their progress and goals established.
  • Students have week-long STEAM/STEM events in addition to having STEAM/STEM based activities as part of their daily lessons.
  • Students are each assigned chrome books that are used during their lessons. They use their personalized email account to access their Google Classroom(s).
  • Students are involved with Art integration through Material For the Arts and Townhall where teaching artists combine themes discussed in the classroom with physical and performance art to bring themes to life.
  • Students participate in school clubs such as Citizen Science, Debate Team, Sports and Reading Club.
  • Students participate in monthly assemblies and events that support our PBIS system to reward on-culture behavior and celebrate success.
What's Supplies Do I Need To Be Successful? 
Since MS358 is going digital, we have been able to limit the supplies needed for the upcoming school year! Here are a few items that you will need as an MS358 student! 
While this list will get you started, you may need to replenish your supplies during the school year.
School Supplies List
Student hours are now:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday 8:20AM to 2:55PM
Thursday 8:20AM to 1:30PM
Please sign up for QCH (Queens Community House) for After school Support!
Don't forget to purchase your uniforms! 
Visit: to place your order.
Our students wear navy collar shirts and khaki pants daily. 
On days that students have physical education classes, students wear their MS358 PE t-shirt along with navy blue sweatpants.
Each month, we celebrate academic success with students wearing their white oxford shirts.