Students engage in reading and writing across various genres of literature, exploring concepts pertaining to themselves and the world they live in. Through theme-based units, students are able to use texts that are related to various subject areas, making what they read, much more meaningful. ​
Students in 6th grade experience Social Studies and English Language Arts together through a Humanities-based curriculum. This allows for teachers to further expose students to global concepts all while engaging in reading and writing that supports their growth as learners. ​
Our 7th and 8th grade students use English Language Arts to research and discover different fictional and non-fiction topics. Through argumentative, narrative and informational writing, students practice applying what they learned through their readings, when writing for an audience.
Using the New York City Department of Education Social Studies scope and sequence, students study history, geography, economics, government and civics is the study of humanity, of people and events that have individually and collectively shaped our nation and the world. We engage our students in historical thinking and challenge them to think like historians, raise questions, think critically, consider many perspectives and gather evidence in support of their interpretations. These are the skills that will serve them well as participating global citizens and members of a democratic society.
Students at MS358 receive double periods of Math instruction that prepares them for High School and beyond. Our curriculum is fully aligned with CCLS and introduces students to Algebra 1 in the 7th grade. All students are expected to take the Algebra Regents as a graduation requirement in 8th grade and receive support using a variety of instructional settings, including a Pre-Algebra course, Math tutors, Saturday Academy and after school programs.
Using "real-world" projects that support and guide instruction, our Science Department motivates students to learn in the context of highly engaging and authentic projects.
​ Students actively engage in science and engineering practices and mathematical reasoning to deepen their understanding of core ideas and work together to define problems, conduct investigations, make models, use computational thinking, write explanations, and discuss and present findings.
Our program empowers students with STEM/STEAM, allowing for students to practice Science in the classroom the way that engineers do using the Engineering Design Process.
As a STEM school, MS358 incorporates aspects of STEM throughout their curriculum. Each year, we provide Computer Science education to all entering 6th grade students by providing them Technology instruction. Students learn to code, access their classes through Google Classroom and use Chrome and Mac Books in all classes. Through our Computer Science program, students are able to immerse in the world of computational thinking and are given an option in 7th and 8th grade to become Computer Science majors where they further learn about careers in Technology by visiting various organizations such as Google and Microsoft.
At MS358 we believe in developing the many talents that our students have. By incorporating STEAM education, we are able to integrate the Arts into our curriculum. As such, we offer all incoming 6th grade students Dance. Students are exposed to a variety of dance genres such as Jazz, Contemporary/Modern Ballet, Hip Hop and work with outside teaching artists from Alvin Ailey and New Victory.
Similar to Computer Science, students are given an opportunity to become part of the Dance Major and are invited to audition to become part of MS358's Dance Company. These selected students, perform throughout the year, in school, after school and off site. Additionally, Dance Company students take trips to see performances at venues such as NY City Center,The New Victory Theater, and Lincoln Center, where they further study the art of Dance. Last year Dance Majors performed alongside professional dancers in an original show in Brooklyn.